Ny restaurant i Tivoli KILDEN serverer sæsonbaseret ekslusiv frokost og aftenmenu
Høbagt knoldselleri, hasselnødder og sauce på hø

kilden rocks

Fridays from April 12th to September 13th, 2024

Every Friday from April 12th to September 13th, Tivoli hosts Fredagsrock. In connection with this event, KILDEN also rocks with a special offer that can be pre-booked via our website. Before enjoying music from artists such as Rasmus Seebach, Saveus, and Take That, you can start your evening in our restaurant, overlooking our beautiful garden. The evening begins with a welcome drink and snacks, followed by a 3-course menu, 3 glasses of wine, mineral water, and coffee/tea before heading to the lawn. Our welcome drink will reflect the artist performing on stage that evening, and the menu will feature seasonal specialties.

If you'd like to enjoy a cocktail on the lawn and make others envious, we'll be happy to arrange that as well. We look forward to welcoming you when KILDEN ROCKS, and we're excited to give you a fantastic start to your evening.


April 12th – May

Snacks & Welcome drink

Fried mushrooms with pickled egg yolk, fermented garlic, and truffle

Grilled pork, Jerusalem artichokes, caramelized onions, and lemon sauce

Salted caramel chocolate tart with hazelnut ice cream

3-glass wine menu

Mineral water

Coffee & Tea

995 DKK


June – July 31st

Snacks & Welcome drink

Creamy pea soup with fresh peas, lardo, pickled onions, and chives

Pan-fried plaice with butter sauce, capers, cucumbers, potatoes, and seaweed

Rhubarb sorbet with baked and pickled rhubarb and wood sorrel

3-glass wine menu

Mineral water

Coffee & Tea

995 DKK


August – September 16th

Snacks & Welcome drink

Tomatoes with pickled grilled mackerel, gooseberries, and seaweed

Crispy lamb terrine with Jerusalem artichokes and lamb jus

Cheesecake with caramelized oats and preserved berries

3-glass wine menu

Mineral water

Coffee & Tea

995 DKK


Moules frites hos Kilden i tivoli

bastille day

Sunday, July 14th, 2024

At Tivoli, we celebrate the French national day, 'Bastille Day,' with a fantastic program, including a visit from the French ambassador and entertainment from delightful singers, who, together with Tivoli's Ensemble, will ensure a magical celebration of the day.

At KILDEN, right next to the Orangeriet, where speeches and songs will be heard, we are serving moules frites with dijonnaise and a glass of French Riesling for only 300 kr. per person on this day. Drop by after the ambassador's speech and enjoy the garden with a drink before dinner. After dinner, you can head over and enjoy more delightful French tunes.

See you for Bastille Day!


Organic blue mussels with greens and herbs, white wine sauce, thin crispy fries, and dijonnaise.

1 glass of white wine.

300 DKK.

Svensk krebsegilde hos Kilden i Tivoli

swedish crayfish party

Thursday, August 8th

As tradition dictates, our Swedish neighbors celebrate a magnificent crayfish party on August 8th, and this year, we will also uphold our proud KILDEN tradition with a cozy long-table dinner.

The evening begins at 7:00 PM, when we sit down at the table. For the next two hours, we will indulge in crayfish served with fresh salads and home-baked sourdough bread with butter. And as always, there will be an open bar – this evening featuring delightful rosé wines. Explore a selection of the finest rosé wines from around the world and listen to our sommelier share stories about the wines.

Of course, snaps can be purchased additionally. We create our own snaps at KILDEN, and there are no limits to creativity when infusing them with seasonal herbs, fruits from the garden, and grilled rye bread from our bakery.

HELAN GÅR – we look forward to seeing you at the crayfish party at KILDEN!


Invasive signal crayfish, an array of salads, dressings, and home-baked bread.

Free rosé wine bar.

800 DKK per person

Blomsterfestival i Tivoli

flower festival - long table with grill in the garden

Saturday, September 14th

From August 31st to September 15th, the Flower Festival takes place in Tivoli, and we are repeating the success by ending the festival with a bang at KILDEN, where we offer flowers and wine ad libitum!

We invite you to a long table dinner at 6:00 PM, starting in the garden with a glass of bubbles while admiring the beautiful creations that have been made and exhibited in KILDEN's garden in the weeks leading up to the event. At 6:30 PM, we will sit down at the table, while Christian and his chefs grill all the wonderful vegetables from the garden in servings with various fish and meat, beautifully adorned with flowers from the garden.

Wine, water, and soft drinks can be enjoyed from our drink bar throughout the dinner.

We will conclude at 8:30 PM, where drinks, coffee, wine, and beer can be purchased to continue enjoying as we watch the sunset over the garden


Grilled vegetables served with various fish and meat, beautifully garnished with flowers from the garden.

Free wine, soda, and water bar.

650 DKK per person

Jul i tivoli med smørrebrød

christmas table

November 15th - January 5th

We're repeating last year's success with our Christmas buffet, served 'family style', but we're expanding it to be available for both lunch and dinner. The Christmas buffet will be based on tradition with a modern twist, presented over 4 servings consisting of a total of 11 different dishes, accompanied by some sweets for coffee.


Served for the entire table 'family style'

Served with rye bread, whipped butter, and lard


Old-fashioned marinated herring with egg, capers, onions, and dill

Gravlax with crispy cucumbers and sunflower seeds

Cabbage terrine, onion mayonnaise, and pickled onions

Mushroom salad with pickled mushrooms


Duck breast with lavender, caramelized celeriac, cabbage, and sauce with warm spices

Christmas sausage of welfare pork with mustard

Beetroot salad with horseradish and dill

Cabbage, cranberry, and walnut salad

Caramelized potatoes


Selection of Danish cheeses, crispbread, and compote

Risalamande with cherry sauce


Sweets for coffee

750 DKK per person


new years eve in tivoli

December 31st

Celebrate the last day of the year in the heart of Tivoli with a front-row view of the fireworks. At KILDEN, we're planning a truly special menu and repeating last year's success with an incredible party atmosphere.

Further information will follow